Him no you

February 28, 2011
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All you see in is black and white.
You think of no one but yourself,
What you can get& what someone can give you
You never cared about me,
I was just another one of your toys.
All of the fake promises
And the wasted I love you’s
For a tiny bit of time
I thought I loved you,
That you loved me.
But that just wasn’t so
You wanted something that I wouldn’t give,
So you tried a different way.
Trying to get to my pants threw my heart.
And you almost got there.
Too bad I was on facebook to see your one mistake..
When you posted that you wanted her but that she was dating someone else, so you were gonna wait your turn.
It totally shattered me
And at first everything was wrong,
All I thought about was, what I did wrong, and this could have been avoided.
But now that I’ve sat here and thought,
Everything has become very clear.
I see you for who and what you really are,
And that’s a monster
A vindictive b****
& I hate you for it
All the pointlessness that I dealt with
All the nights that I cried and tears that I shed.
I was you who caused this.
And It is you that I hate.
And it is you that should suffer not me.
I can finally put you behind me..

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