February 27, 2011
By Anonymous

As I sit in solitude in the comfort of my sanctuary,
The shooting stars that my thoughts ride on
Collide in an explosion of wonder and idea.
My soul is nourished by the music which plays
In my head. I live to Love and Love to live,
And everyone’s Love should be free to give.
While war and hate is the driving force, the
Rich and powerful man shows no remorse.
His money and greed is not what we need.
So stop the conflict and live in peace.
My heart beats and my brain works
In hope of finding the everlasting euphoria.
I sit and wonder where it can be, and hope
One day it comes to me. And when the world
Will perish and come to end, my youthful
Pursuit of happiness just begins. I Love this
Feeling, its path is long. Along it I will
Travel on and on. My state of mind is apart of
Another land. With flowing waters and beaches
Of sand. Soft blue skies, and cozy warm nights,
My mind travels to new heights. I’m home
Once again.

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