Obi Swing

February 25, 2011
By ManlyJ SILVER, Huron, South Dakota
ManlyJ SILVER, Huron, South Dakota
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Favorite Quote:
Greatness comes from learning from the mistakes you make when you try.

I wake in the morning,
I know that it is training,
I grab my wooden sword,
I grab the handle like a cord,

Right swing
First time
-Harder my instructor screams-
Second time
-More intensity my partner says-
Tenth time
-Rest it now and do the other side-

Left swing
First time
-Quicker my partner shouts-
Second time
-More focus my Instructor scream-
Tenth time
-Rest now and do the forward one-

Forward Swing down
First time
-I go faster and harder-
Second time
-I have focus and intensity-
Tenth time
-I am exhausted-

I wake in the morning
I know that it is training
I grab my wooden sword
I grab the handle like a cord

I bring the obi up and taunt
I bring the obi down and flaunt
I am tired of all of the hard work,
However the perfection and power that comes with is the greatest perk.

The author's comments:
Sometimes when you practice marshal arts you get tired of doing the drills over and over. When you get the move perfect though, it is worth all the work.

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