February 16, 2011
By JimmyC GOLD, Lewisville, Texas
JimmyC GOLD, Lewisville, Texas
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The dorm room, a tragic mess
The closet overflowing with mountains
Of jeans and t shirts
What I’m wearing right now
Has probably been worn a few times already,
Oh I could use some help.

The kitchen, bare and empty,
Cardboard boxes of TV-dinners
Forming spires that rose halfway to the ceiling
And the refrigerator, oh the god the fridge,
We still need to clean that out…
I could use some help.

Everything in this dorm, crazy, disheveled
And in a state of disarray.
Nothing was ever clean or tidy
Or organized for that matter,
As I stared at the desk piled with college-size books
The bound paper overshadowing the laptop,
So fragile looking next to those thick monsters
Man, someone help me.

It’s always good to have that one person,
Who will tidy up your room,
Make you a nice meal,
And even wash your clothes.
Even now, people might call it lame,
But hey, what can I say,
I miss my mom!

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