One Big Happy Family

February 24, 2011
By Lytle92 SILVER, McLeansboro, Illinois
Lytle92 SILVER, McLeansboro, Illinois
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To look up at the sky
And know there is sadness in her eye

Tears him apart inside
He can’t even be by her side

The mistake was made
And he made a trade

To get away from it
While she has to live with it

He can hear the thunder
Why did he leave her with the blunder

We did it together
That’s what brought this bad weather

He starts to cry
Now he knows why

He was untimely scared
The consequence should be shared

When he finds her alone
She is sitting upon a single throne

She was shivering from the cold
But soon was warmed by his “I’m sorry” hold

While wrapped in his arms
She begins to melt by his charms

And with storm going dead
This is what he said

“We shall do this as one
The unborn baby has won

With a mom and dad
The baby won’t be sad

This is how are lives should be
As one big happy family”

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