February 27, 2011
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My god, you're such a shame
How can you stand there and claim
To be a parent when you are to blame
For this stupid game?

Oh please

I am completely above...
Your accursed narrow mind
That has obviously made you blind
To the pain and destruction that soon defined
Our relationship which has clearly declined

I am completely above...

Your lack of understanding
Your consistent reprimanding
Your uncalled for b****ing
You have become quite overbearing

Why can't you see
What your words and actions have done to me?
Our entire relationship is a useless pile of debris
That is carelessly drifting to the bottom of the sea

And yet you don't seem to care...

You appear to be empty of emotion
You don't even make a notion
There is no immediate rotation
To try and save our connection
Which displays your lack of devotion

How can you call yourself a loving parent?
Can you not feel my resent?
Are you even willing to repent?
Or are you going to allow us to be distant?

You feel you have committed no wrong
It is the same old ridiculous song
That has played on for so long

So while you stay below...

I am going to rise
Which consists of breaking all ties
From your hurtful lies
And maybe then you'll realize
That you lost a prize

You lost a child that stood by your side
Who was there for you when you cried
And who was willing to provide
Support; a role I did not think would subside

But it has...

So you can stay where you are at
And be an immature brat
I am no longer your doormat
It is best you remember that

I am above all of this
And with that you are dismissed
From my life so I can finally have some bliss
And trust me, you will not be missed

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