March 1, 2011
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I’ve run as far as I can
But I haven’t gotten out of this town
Not Really
Not Yet

Everybody is at home
Except Lori
Lori is Gone
She’s gone already
To New York

I hate this town
I’ve decided
I’m leaving
After junior year
And I won’t look back

Dad’s inside the freezing house
Mom’s inside the freezing house
The refrigerator’s in the house
Like my stomach
Like me

Brian is in there
Depending on me
Maureen is in there
Depending on me
To bring food
To bring the future
Whatever that is

If I don’t get out of this town
I’ll die here
I’ll never have a life
I’ll never be a Somebody
I’ll never get out of here
If I don’t get out now
There must be a better life

I’ve run as far as I can
My legs are burning
It’s not working
I’m going
I’m getting away
I’m taking the five o’clock train to New York
To Somewhere
I won’t look back

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