Baddest Kid In Kindergarden

March 1, 2011
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When I first went to school it was in McPolin. The first day didn't go so well I was crying a lot and I just sat in a little kiva they had. I did that for a week or two until I got used to it. Later I didn't cry and I did do everything. But the baddest kid in that class was me. Sometimes I was the Boss and did anything I wanted to do. When I got board I went to play with my friends. When my friends and I were together Im pretty sure that the teacher went crazy because if we had lunch we always started a food fight. When it was story time we were saying jokes to each other while the teacher was reading. I was basically the baddest kid in school at that time.

Every time when had parent teacher conference it was all about my behavior. Only one parent teacher conference was good news for my parents the teacher said I had good grades at that time. At the end of the year I ended up getting kicked out of the McPolin school because of my behavior.

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