Breakfast With Ed

February 25, 2011
By Anonymous

Day comes, awaken the sun;
Get up and already want to be done.

Roll out of bed, let my feet touch the floor;
"Please, Ed," I say, "I don't want anymore."

I walk to the mirror, shut my eyes,
Ed pries them open, we gaze at my thighs.

Stroll to the bathroom, step on the scale;
Ed sees the numbers, he tells me I failed.

I sprint down the stairs,
Ed follows and stares.

I head to the kitchen, take out a bowl,
I want to eat breakfast, but I know the toll.

I go to the table and sit in my chair,
As I try to eat, Ed shoots me a glare.

Maybe, just maybe, I'll flee from his grasp.
Sh! He'll hear you, now hands in your lap.

When I think Ed's not looking, I rush from the table and out of my chair...

But before I get to the door,
I fall to the floor.

Ed caught me again,
I always knew he would win.

Night comes, awaken the moon;
Sleep a deep sleep, the day only brings gloom.

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