February 27, 2011
By GlassXRose BRONZE, Florida
GlassXRose BRONZE, Florida
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A heart
Is a pane of glass
Delicate but strong
And irreplaceable

When in the right frame
And under proper care
It stays clear and crystalline

Like the eyes are the
Window to the soul
So is the heart

And your window
Might not just be
The clear kind
Just like windows
Hearts come differently

A stained glass window
A bullet-proof window
A small basement window
A window hidden behind shutters

The heart is like a window
Something smooth being made that way
By a thousand rough things
Being ground against it
Until it is then put in a frame

But it can break

It will smudge
And smear
And get cloudy
And gritty
And eventually

If you put too much pressure on it
Neglect it
Mistreat it
It will shatter

A t h o u s a n d p i e c e s

And will never be the same

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece to try to make people understand that the heart is a strange thing. Sometimes it can be strong, but once it breaks, it will never be the same.

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