February 15, 2011
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How can someone be afraid of
A person who is as elegant as a Dove.
You truly know all of the above.
Love, I'm not scared of you
I'm addicted to us.
Wanting to help someone new
Jumping into an unknown cause.
Risking it if I should say I'm
Staying right here anyway.
No fear beautiful.
I just hate to see you drop a tear.
Words can be bullets I see
But baby don't die on me.
Mentally I know you're weak.
Lets fight through it and
Take flight to seek the lighter Side.
Notice how we glide together
Our physique.
Adventuring your strength
Pass our lengths.
Emotionally I've never seen
Someone so openly with love and Care.
Aware of the best in me
So I'll invest the time.
Eventually you'll realize you're magnificent.
Our physical attraction is the less of things
Your worth more than you think.
God's creations could be complicated
Let some go.
You can puzzle it together
You just don't know.
Life isn't forever so lets live it
Until we drop.
Enjoying the better things until
Our hearts stop.

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