The Real Deal

February 11, 2011
By deannababyy GOLD, Brandon, Florida
deannababyy GOLD, Brandon, Florida
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"With God, All things are possible."

When i first saw you,
i didnt want anything to do with you.
i thought you looked silly and was weird.

when we first talked,
i was iffy about what to say.
i thought you were kinda strange and abnormal.

when the conersation picked up,
i was nervous and tried to impress you by flirting back.
i thought you were cute but something about you was different.

when you continusely im'ed me,
i started looking forward to our daily "how do ya do's."
what ever was different about you,i liked. and was attracted to it.

when you first asked for my number,
i emmedietly handed it over with hope that you'd call.
i thought you were sweet and wanted to know you more.

when i noticed there was something more there
i dug deeper and tried to figure it out.
somehow you had realed me in with your unbearable pleasure and charm.

when we first met,
i had those butterfly's you get when you talk to your kindergarten crush.
you showd me that you're different , in a way i didnt know was possible.

when you first put your arm around me,
it lead to a simple kiss and then from there utter pefection.
i had fallen for you hard.

when you told me you loved me,
every bad thing went away.
it was now me and you, and forever it will stay.

Thats how i know, you're the real deal

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