Abandoned Cabin

March 1, 2011
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The abandoned cabin I see every time I visit my grandma’s house
For it whispers inspiration to my heart
The cabin once filled with happiness
Now filled with sorrow
The cabin’s closet cluttered with classy clothes
Now filled with dusty old ragged clothes

The cabin once fit for a wedding
Now looking like a place for a funeral
The cabin from a dreamer’s fantasy
Now looking like a dreamer’s nightmare as scary as a horror film
The cabin once filled with a happy family
Now empty and filled with sadness

The cabin’s yard once filled with a garden full of luscious beautiful flowers
Now looking like a dry desert filled with rocks
The cabin’s fresh green grass whispering in the wind
Now is silent and dead
A cabin once filled with beautiful glass plates
Now shattered over the floor

A cabin filled with mysteries and secrets
A cabin where a family once lived
With their own story to tell

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