My Star

February 20, 2011
My wings spread, taking on the wind
Soaring above our busy world
Feeling so free in the open blue sky
Don’t know where to go but up
My dark black wings beat strong against the wind
Flying higher seeing the bits of light I desire
Feeling them get closer, so close that I could almost touch
Reaching out, almost there
Feeling the warm light touching my hand
So warm it almost burns
A flash of pain, and I fall
Air cuts around me
Cradling my hand, pain so hot it melts through my skin
My fall about to end
I snap back
Looking out the bus window, at the busy street
A sharp pain leaves me stunned
Looking at my hand
A small star sat there in my hand
The same star I touched
The glowing light I held in my hand
Fades to dust
Leaving me with a scar
A scar the shape of that star I grabbed.

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