Never Resting

February 19, 2011
No one knows for sure how it started,
But, I know that we’ll keep it lighthearted.
A young man with a syringe in his hand
With one stab, will take away his whole land
His house, his family, his life, all gone
When, exactly, did it go all wrong?
The terrible monster had taken his body,
And now has made it its favorite new hobby.
The young man tried to gain back his world
But the hideous monster won the first quarrel.
Since he was back on the drug once more
It wasn’t just him who was keeping score.
With one more chance to turn it all around
He took control and stepped away from the crowd.
This one chance was what helped him succeed.
Now it’s him that is beating the greed.
Assisting others that took that same path
To help them be happy, smile, and laugh.

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