Gaia's Reply

February 17, 2011
By haquearsh GOLD, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
haquearsh GOLD, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
"Now a soft kiss
Aye, by that kiss
I vow an endless bliss."
-John Keats, Endymion

Stumbling upon a clearing
hearing a weightless Zephyr,
it holds a whisper that urges
that what lies here
shall silence my dirges

In front of me I see
an obscene Gesture
of Gaia's bare face
left behind by a jigsaw
that radiates with light
upon this passing of night

I try to illuminate,
mix together the Mystery
until I must rest my mind's eye
embrace a pensive sigh
and acknowledge I'll never fulfill
what will unravel Her Riddle

So I lay defeated
and sink with a faded plea;

"Alas, I'm no Atlas
but I'll carry You
and all Your burdens too"

Awaiting a pitied reply
in this surfaced abyss
I finally feel the words
She could never say

"You may quantify Life;
convolute Me with freckles,
you may scar Me with pleasures
of hopeless endeavors

but if you wish
for no more than Me

you need not martyr
and leave me alone;
you need not solve
My 'enigmatic puzzle'

you need no more
than to be a Piece
and join
My Sky Blue Peace"

The author's comments:
On all too gorgeous a day, a girl asked me to lay outside and write for she had practice and had to stay indoors. This was the result of the duo inspiration of her and Gaia.

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