February 17, 2011
By Siena Hester SILVER, Park City, Utah
Siena Hester SILVER, Park City, Utah
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Everything can knock you down.
You feel hopeless, lost in your thoughts.
Trying to figure out which path to take.
Frustrated, angry, confused, sad.
You do not know what to do anymore.
You have given up.

Everything you look at makes you wonder.
Your mind is racing.
Trying to figure out how to fix your mistakes, wondering what you did wrong.
How to fix every little thing that stands before you.

You have fallen, tripped on the crack in the road.
You feel you are the only one on this planet.
You feel alone.
You feel as if you are in a shell, and you are struggling to break free.

You block yourself out from the rest of the world, trying to make yourself a better person.
But still you fall. You fall over every obstacle you try to conquer.
But the truth is, this is just an adventure everyone experiences in a different way.
this is the adventure of life.

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