We Will Miss You Alex

February 17, 2011
By bethybird BRONZE, Palmyra, Missouri
bethybird BRONZE, Palmyra, Missouri
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I walked down the hallway today
I heard every step that my shoes made as they hit the tile floors
I’ve never heard a building full of high school teens so quiet
No one looked up
“Everyone’s numb right now”
I think that was the best way to describe it
It hasn’t even been 24 hours since it happened
Yet every one knows
I didn’t know him that well
He was quiet
In my grade since he moved here in 8th grade
I let him copy off my homework freshman year
He didn’t seem like that type of person
But, again, I didn’t know him
People are lining up in the hallway to right on his banner
A note
It hit my sister pretty hard
No, she didn’t know him that well either
But she’s been through this before
Only, she failed
And she was happy she failed
If I could see his family right now I wouldn’t have much to say
Not much to reminisce on
Not much at all
But I would comfort them
Like I’m trying to comfort everyone else
I want to talk
But about what?
I cried, yes
But why?
If it had never happened would I talk to him in the hallways?
Would I ask how his day was going?
Or would it all be the same?
Would I even change a little bit if I had known?
If I had known?
Will it be on the news?
How did his friends sleep last night?
By the looks of them,
Not at all
But I guess when it comes to situations like these there are only two real questions that come to my mind:
Who’s next?
Can we do anything to stop it?

The author's comments:
There's not much to say. Our principle said to write down what we were feeling, but all I could notice was how everyone else was feeling. So I wrote about that.

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