Behind Closed Eyes

February 17, 2011
By Anonymous

She’s outgoing and sweet.
She talks to new people and wears that
Fake Smile
Everyone has come to believe as real.
She pushes to make good grades -- to
Make her Daddy proud.
If only he knew what she was really up to, when his back is turned around.
Inside she knows it’s all a lie, but she never bothers to ask why.
Why she goes on with this silly game, acting like life is just all pretend.

The ones that she defines as “family”.
These are the ones that see her pain.
They melt away all her hate and shame.
They understand, they’ve been there too.
All together they form their group.
They bring happiness, if only temporarily.
Here is where she belongs.
With them she can finally feel
Even a little sane.
But eventually they all must part
And she falls back to the same routine.

Home to an empty apartment.
The one place where she feels lost and alone.
A place to keep her head at night but it only harbors all her fright.
She’s raised herself and she’s okay with that.
Behind closed eyes, is where all of her pain lye’s.

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