Live You, Live Free

February 24, 2011
Imagine sitting, peaceful
On the edge of the water that follows the sun.
You feel truth
The possibilities of the world surrounding you.
You mustn't feel to prove yourself, or an urge to need.
You only feel whole, lively, and complete.
This is life you feel.

Illusions are broken,
Nothing can stand in your way.
Your newly-found power causes pain and troubles to fade away.
Your soul has been waiting for this day.

You see what existing truly means as you break the walls of impossibilities.
Nothing can hold you back as you find your everlasting power.
You understand what life is and realize,
You cannot deny this.

You jump at every possibility to create.
If we can live what we want,
Why not make life great?
You are alive, living, breathing;
Able to do anything.

Open your eyes,
Everything you would ever need is right inside.
Remind yourself next time you feel sorrow,
That you are the catalyst of change.
Live like you mean it and let nothing stand in your way.

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