Sing Me A Lullaby

February 24, 2011
No one's ever sang me a lullaby.
I try so very hard to close my eyes.
When I sleep at night, the nightmares haunt.
I never know what the darkness wants.
I'm scared to move, even scared to breathe.
I wish my dreams would get scared and leave.
I shiver at the images behind my lids.
No one will care; no one ever did.
When I wake up, my eyes fill with tears.
I've suffered these nightmares all of my years.
They've never gone away; they've never given in.
They were so strong when I wished I could quit.
No one knows how I feel.
No one understands that these dreams are real.
The sky is black tonight, without stars or a moon.
I hope I will be able to sleep, soon.
So, as I lay my head against this pillow tonight,
Just remember that dark images fill my line of sight.
Maybe tomorrow, I'll get a good night's sleep.
But for tonight, just leave me be and let me weep.
And as I get ready for tonight with a shaky sigh,
please don't forget to sing me a lullaby.

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