Falling Water

February 24, 2011
By world-thru-words GOLD, Brandon, Florida
world-thru-words GOLD, Brandon, Florida
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"I'm trying really hard to forget something that's really easy to remember."

I don't deserve this.
The taste in my mouth, after your kiss.
The look of your eyes staring into mine:
Soft, but intense; I will put my heart on the line
just to feel your touch on my skin,
or your warm voice, gentle as sin.
I get lost in thoughts of you,
just like I always do.
But it's different this time,
because you loving her: it's killing this rhyme.
I can't stand to look at you both,
but it's not her; it's me that I loathe.
I hate myself for trusting you,
for believing you, for thinking these thoughts were new.
So, as hard as it is for me to say,
I'm going to ask you to go away.
And I know these words have been said a thousand times,
but I need the truth to come out of these lines.
And you say you just want to be friends,
but I can't, for the hole in my heart needs to mend.
I will never forget how I felt,
even through all of the unspoken words and guilt.
I love you, but I have to go.
I love you, just so you know.

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