King of Hearts

February 21, 2011
By Anonymous

You see him everyday flirting with all the girls

Playing with their hearts, because each one thinks you like them.

Do you even want to be with someone?

Isn't there that one girl that makes you stop and think?

You don't want to get hurt..
I get that .
But flirting with every pretty girl Isn't going to get you anywhere...

You say all the same things to all of the girls, thinking you're so smug...

But did he ever think that one of them could be falling for him?

He doesn't even think twice about her unless she's right there.

He goes out with girls just for fun...

So she thinks that he does not believe in love

He says that they can just end up leaving you the next day and that they are not worth it.

So maybe he'll never think love exists...

Somehow I believe that.

The author's comments:
About a guy playing a game

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