Rise too high, fall too low

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I rise to high
And I fall to low
How fast things change
Relax and enjoy the show
I rise I fall
I hurt I cry
What’s next? that’s a question based on fate-
How am I suppose to know?
Who is god to say when
I rise and when I fall-
I don’t have faith in his name.
But I still hope and pray that one day
The way that I rise and fall will change
Before its too late.

I cant take this pain.
Instead of smoothing out the cracks
There’s just more boulders to my name
I have nothing to say
But have the tears fall from my face.
I just want to pull my hair and scream,
Runaway to a place where its just me
No one knows the pain I carry inside,
I put on a show to please the people around me.
If they knew the real me, they’d freak.

Why cant everyone just stop nagging me?
Watch your grades
Watch your rep
Angela, where’s your pep?
I use to be a young girl- so happy, so glee
When did things change- now I grew up
And pain is the only thing I see.

I rise to high
I fall to low
What’s happening to me?
Someone shake me back to my natural glow
I’m sick of this show. No one wants to see a girl
Rise to high and fall to low.
Angela. I just want you to be happy, you can be anything you wanna be?

Is that a joke?
How can I be what I wanna be with the restrictions
You lay on top of me? There like bricks-
I can barely breathe. You pushed me to be
Someone I didn’t want to be and now you have to
Pay the fee of having a daughter that doesn’t
Want to be at all the family gatherings.

I’ve told you once
I’ve told you twice
I’ve told you so many times-
But you’re still not listening to me!
Soon you will see what you’re doing is
Just an easy way to lose me.
I promise you one day ill move away
And ill prove to you I can be the writer I say I can be.

I wont rise to high
I wont fall to low
I’ll be content with the life I’ve made, even if its not that great-
It wont be a life given to me on a silver plate,
that’s not what life’s suppose to be-
People telling you what to say
What to do
Even what to believe.
I think id rather have Big Brother watching me from
A camera in my TV screen.

I can go on for the rest of the day how I
Rise to high
And fall to low
But I think I’ve made it clear-
I’ve reached my breaking point.
Now I have to wait and see if things will go my way
And change for me.

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