Writing is God Like

February 18, 2011
By KaraDeGonnecchi GOLD, Honolulu, Hawaii
KaraDeGonnecchi GOLD, Honolulu, Hawaii
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Favorite Quote:
“Some of the best sermons we will ever hear will be thus prompted from the pulpit of memory—to an audience of one!”

Writing is God-like
See that gentleman there?
The one in the spiffy suit?
Look at how he walks,
Suitcase in hand,
He must think he’s pretty grand being a rich banker
His wallet fat with a couple hundreds.

Look at that woman there,
The one in the latest fashion?
Her stiff hair in outrageous curls
Her pampered dog with a collar of jewels.
She must think she’s hot stuff
Being a picture perfect fashion designer,
Clad in the newest fad.

But look here, this is quite a sight,
See that woman sitting there?
The one in the gray sweats
And grass green shirt
With the sleeves pushed to her elbows?
Look past her thick veil of chestnut locks,
Her left hand twisted in her hair
Gripping them at the roots like
They’re the only thing that can keep her
From going insane.
Her pen taps the pad of paper on her knee impatiently.
Look past all that,
Look into her eyes
Narrowed in absolute concentration.
Do you see it?
The star dust congregating,
The beginning of a galaxy igniting in her eyes?

In a burst of inspiration, a story flies from beneath her pen,
flowing and vibrant with life so strongly,
you can see her get lost in it
watch her eyes drown in it,
ravish her creation that grows before her eyes with a life of its own.
She must be a writer, maybe an author,
Only they have such momentous epiphanies.
Read deeply between the lines of some fiction work,
you’ll notice something spectacular.
Being a writer, an author and even a poet
Means you have god-like powers.

You might scoff at me and call me a fool,
But hang on, relax, kick back
And listen to me for a moment.
I insist.

When you write a story
Be it long short,
We don’t really care,
You throw a couple characters in.

This one has blonde hair,
Oh and this one a mix of both.
But ignore my rambling,
I’m tryin’ to say somethin’.
When you add in those characters,
You give them a unique personality
A face, a body, a name, a purpose
And those nice little memories we all have of something or someone.
Wouldn’t you say that’s god-like?
To be able to create people
With only the power your mind
To be to create a world where anything can happen
As long as you give the O-K.

In this world,
We’re all unique.
That man there,
Yes, you.
He has a different color than yours.
Yes, yes, I know miss.
You have the same color
But do you have HIS color.
No, I didn’t think so.
Do you have the same fingerprints as the person next to you?
No, you don’t.
Cause we’re all special that way.

A writer can create all that.
They can give their people their own
Fingerprints, hair color, eye color,
Skin color.
But best of all,
They give their people their own mind
Their own thinking tool that they’ve got to use,
Because this author here has got some plans in store for them,
And boy they are going to go that mind,
That thinking tool.
Because, what if the going gets tough?
The author can make anything happen,
If they really want,
They can make the sky fall down on their people like the hammer of judgement day,
And what will they do then?
The best authors, the best writers,
They let their people run freely from their influence for a while
Let them make their own decisions,
Let them fumble for an answer of what to do,
Let them wander on their own,
Discover new places
Discover new ways to do things,
Let them grow.

And then they come back,
Observe what they have done,
Maybe change a thing or two,
And abandon them again.

When they have no author, no writer
Hovering over their backs
Poking them around like game pieces,
That is when the writer is at the height
Of their god-like powers.
To be able to influence and control
What happens to their people,
To know that you have developed them to the point where they can steer
Their own lives.

Now, look into my eyes and tell me.
Do you see it?
The star dust congregating?
The beginning of a galaxy igniting in my eyes?


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