February 18, 2011
[his-tuh-ree, his-tree]
–noun, plural -ries.

1. The branch of knowlege dealing with past events

History is remembering the bad things.
History is knowing everything that happened
History is something that never goes away
History is the past.

2. A continuous, systematic narrative of past events as relating to a particular people, country, period, person, etc.,

History is the dry words that you see in text books.
History is the hidden words in meaning in between those dry words.
History is the blood and sweat and tears of building blocks
History is the past

3. The record of past events and times

History is the pictures in my back closet
History is the journal entries noone could see in time
History is the missing from school records
History is the past

Origin: ?1350–1400; ME historie < L historia < Gk historía learning or knowing by inquiry, history; deriv. of híst?r one who knows or sees

—Related forms
un·der·his·to·ry, noun, plural -ries.
un·his·to·ry, noun, plural -ries.
—Synonyms ?2. record, annals. ??

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