February 21, 2011
By AlexIsSOS SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
AlexIsSOS SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
Beauty is admired by the compassion of ones love.-Alexander Reese
SOS Find Me!-Amber Lynn

Its voice covers you with awe as it speaks.
Your soul opens on to it as its voice wraps
around your heart holding it in place. When
you speak with wonder, only to try to find
your way to its heart to see what it is and
wants, then you discover its a race between
you and another as you slow down your love
get stronger. But no matter how much you
want it, you lost only seeing its shadow
calling out to you. You fall on your knees
with a doubt. So others can try to push you
back, they some how grab u with there bloody,
beaten, and flesh tearing hands, grabing your
heart with fear as it tears into your soul.
You`re scared its losing faith and leaving
you, unleashing the grip on your heart. So
your talking and its talking with the voice
of a goddess telling that you love each other
. trying to trust yourself with the eyes of a
lover. only to see your in the shadows. as
it hide in the dark with another.The soul of
broken hearts pass reaching and grabing you
telling you "NO". You yell back no only to have
the happiness of your soul drained away before
your eyes. Now you`re lashing out. Your voice
calling it with a sorrow filled pout.Your
stressed from running from the lies. Asking
yourself can it be tthe truth there opeaning
your eyes. But as you go to it you see a
goddess with wing of beauty. so your heart try
to be strong. But it does not see you. But the
hate of thge gods of death that wispers in her
eyers. while they are growling barking eating
at your hope while your heart still attached
backed up with fear. You fall oin a bottomless
hole of dispair. Grabing at what you think maybe
a rope or vine tossed by your lover. As you think
you realize its not just you but your heart to being
hung by that vine. Fear its self flash before your
eyes. Filled ear to ear overcome by rage and thought
. Thoughts about praying or begging is lng gone with
fear. Then someone or thing starts pulling you up.
You start feeling warmth and trust in love.Yor heart
starts to race with excitement. Its saying that it
love sou , your yelling back me too. Its sounding
like the women of your dreams. Its saying i want
to be with you . so u start climbing out the hole
with joy glad you reached the top the light turnd
black. You see the vine its a snake . thn your kissed
by death As it clamps you flesh you struggle and try
to break free but your heart being filled with venom
no love. You fall asleep and wake up with a scythe
Your d***ed to creep the earth breaking hearts like
what was dione to you to only see the god of death
becoming of you so you drink your posin and see she
was a goddess. Goddes of death

The author's comments:
This piece is one of my favorite because it was written to connect with the readers to feel true emotion.

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