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Gift of You

February 17, 2011
By JeremyS GOLD, Sun City, Arizona
JeremyS GOLD, Sun City, Arizona
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When you walk through the door,
the scent of your hair is already making me feel good,
the cotton candy scent of your shampoo,
I want to go to the state fair instantly.
The sound of your heels are extravagant,
their soles, their feet, the straps,
I wish the ground were me you were walking on.
Your voice: Perfection,
Not too nasal, not too quiet,
You’re calling out my name,
my name never before so fortunate.
I see you finally,
how can I describe your body?
God’s Greatest Creation standing by my door.
I am so lucky I am the one you want.
I am forever in the debt of your beauty.
Thank you for the gift of you.

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