February 10, 2011
By doubleLL BRONZE, Waldwick, New Jersey
doubleLL BRONZE, Waldwick, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
\"Those who say SUNSHINE brings happiness have never danced in the RAIN.\"

See Me

You may notice my efforts, my pleas
But really, are you noticing me
The real me, who I am

I don’t really know any more
Whether or not you see
Exactly, who I am

Do you see my feelings my moods
Or do you see the front I’ve put on
I don’t even know if you really see me at all

Help me find out, this one little thing
I want to know what you really see
Could you do that for me, that one little thing?

True Beauty

Confidence surges through me
I stand tall and proud
Truly believing in myself

Holding my chin up high
I see the good in other people
The glass is half full, not half empty

I look in the mirror and see
A flower blooming before my eyes
I am amazed at what I see before me

As the flower opens up to be fulfilled
I can see truly what I have become
And that is truly beautiful and well


Life is full of surprises
Ups and downs surround us
As we fight through them all

Sadness is part of being down
While being a shining star is one of the ups
Encountering them is part of life

Someone will always cheer you up
When you are feeling down
So when someone tries, listen

But beware, people are complicated
When you are feeling good and happy
They will tear you down

I offer you this wisdom
That I truly have been through
To always, listen to your heart

Shadow Realm

Deep in body and soul
Physical and mental pain combined
Cannot heal the pain inside me

Pain comes from me
An ever present black aura
Inside and surrounding me

Breaking free from the darkness
As I emerge into the light
I have the feeling that I’m being pulled back

In the shadow realm I fight
I fight for everything I hold near and dear
So that I may return one day

To life as it was before
I came to the sudden halt
That put me back into the shadow realm

Love Ride

Love is complicated, irrational
It has its ups and downs, just like life
rolercoaster ride

He was your Romeo
And you were his Juliet
A match made in heaven

You deserve a fairytale ending,
A prince to swoop you off your feet
You are a destined princess to be

One day a knight in shining armor will come
You will be truly in love and in awe
And have your fairytale ending at last


Passing from age to age
We undergo changes
Not only in body, but in mind

From small tiny voices, to booming ones
Smaller homework loads, to hours worth
Growing apart from one another

We grow up for a reason
To make society a better place.
We must go through these changes

In order to be someone to believe in
We must bloom from the bud to be
True flowers


Teetering on the edge,
I try to steady myself
Desperately trying to be right again

People knocking me down,
I get right back up
As people, family, brush me off

They send me off as soon as I’m well
Saying they believe in me, I listen
To fight the demons that haunts me


Five points together as one,
That shines below,
A spotlight made for one

Modesty is just a fact,
Though thought is another matter,
Mind over matter here

No matter how hard we try,
As we shine our way to the top,
We must learn each trade, in order to get to the top

Tears We Shed

Tears of joy,
Tears of sadness,
We suffer through the pain

We shed a tear,
Though hope is near,
We are no longer a whole

Tears of joy are not
Often used,
But are the best of all

Though we cry,
Happiness wants to pry,
As we cry away our tears

All’s Fair in Love and War

Emotions are powerful,
They force to act in ways unimaginable
As we try to gain control

They force to feel indifferent,
Towards love and loathe
And through confusion as well

As the saying goes
All’s fair in love and war,
Though, technically, I prefer love, over war

To go, or not to go

The decision is mine
To find and decide
Where to go in this moment in time

The way out is here
My thoughts seem to disappear
I fear for the New Year awaiting

I am anticipating
The options floating around
For me to find and see anew

To decide is up to me
Though my spirit longs to be
I must figure out, to go, or not to go


As you see walking down the road
You pick up an unexpected vibe
That he’s hiding something

You feel paranoid
Unable to ask him
What he’s hiding

As much as you’re afraid
Of what you might find out
The paranoia is wearing on you

When you find out, you feel sick
He disgusts you, so you leave
And you don’t, come back

Accomplishments Ruined

When you try hard
You will always fall down
No matter what age you are

You feel good
Until someone tears you down
For no reason at all

But even though it’s hard
You must get back on your feet again
And again until they are beat

The One

He’s the on you tell everything and anything
As soon as the thought pops into your mind
His reactions are one of a kind

When you see his face, it takes your breath away
His skin positively glowing to your eyes
He’s the one, there’s no denying it

Though he’s a little rough around the edges
I’m sure we can shape him up to be
The one for you that was meant to be

Feeling, Time, Confusion

As we walk through time and space
We encounter many things
As we collide with other lives

Confusion is here alike
Many things are in confusion
Though most of it has to do with people

As we pass through adolescence
From young children into teens
We discover what it means to feel

People change; for better or for worse
But how you deal with it
Is your choice

Feelings are simple
Though confusion is harder
Though we bear it wherever we are

The author's comments:
My life was kind of suckish and instead of getting angry, I turned to my handy dandy computer. I hope that people realize that this piece of writting shows the darker side of life and things aren't always what they seem.

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