For All of Those Girls

February 10, 2011
For all the little girls
Who just want to grow up
It isn't as much fun as it seems
In fact,it can suck a lot
There's dreams of falling in love
Racing away in a car
Following the brightest of
the midnight stars
I used to wish
That I could grow up
Just a little bit faster...
wishing my parents
weren't always my masters
Now i'm at that point
and i wish i had enjoyed myself more
before falling in love
and shiny cars
before pure white gloves
and all those strip bars
before my friends did drugs
or drank or smoked
back when life
was all a joke
So for every little girl
Who wants to grow up
stay tough
'Cuz chances are it's gonna be rough
But take it from me...
with my experience given
No matter what your age
You've gotta be ambition driven

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