who is it?

February 20, 2011
By MorganVictoria BRONZE, Bellevue, Michigan
MorganVictoria BRONZE, Bellevue, Michigan
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it pulls me to the edge,
willing for me to be free,
willing me to live.
it wants only happiness
to be given,
but only saddness
is received.
it pushes words into my mind,
that always escape,
and come out of my mouth.
it makes me get in trouble,
with friends,
with myself.
it pushes me around,
pushes me in the wrong direction,
down the wrong path.
it makes me do bad things,
write bad things,
say bad things,
think bad things.
it is a mystery to everyone,
it only is seen in my eyes.
who is it?
even I,
the one who knows it best,
isn't sure,
who it is.

The author's comments:
written on 2-5-2011 at 7:05pm.
I was sad/depressed, but scared.

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