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February 20, 2011
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When I look into the mirror the first thing I look at are those big green eyes. Concealed in black eyeliner, dark mascara and thick eye lashes. How so many call them pretty or beautiful, I see sorrow and strength. I see a girl pushing on day after day, I see terror, love, and pain, I see it all. A foolish girl at a foolish age but I've experienced all the troubles first hand, so who would know them better than me? Over time only letting a select few people in, most of them betraying me or in juvenile hall. Then I hurt the person I love most in the world and I realize how stupid, childish and inconsiderate I can really be. Staring into the mirror I see my families suffrage, friends losing themselves to drugs, and all of the loved ones who've disappeared over time. When i look in the mirror I see those pale green eyes, glazed with tears, naked, shedding the emotions that overwhelm me and I am just another person in the world; nothing less and nothing more, to no one. A lesson learned, when I look in the mirror I see the strongest person I know, a girl who became a women before her time, smiling with no apparent reason, shining because she can, and brave because she has to be. Gazing in the mirror I wouldn't change that reflection for the world.

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ManaMay said...
Sept. 16, 2011 at 11:01 am
Awh thank you :) i just figure that if any one else is going through hard times i want them to know theyre not the only ones, ya know and i can relate.
CarolinaBoy23 said...
Aug. 26, 2011 at 4:56 pm
Wow. I dont even know what to say. Im not a cryer and felt a tear coming out. Your'e not afraid of anyone knowing who you are or what you've been through and that is amazing to me. This was really beautiful.
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