Twisted Love

February 10, 2011
By DioneMarie BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
DioneMarie BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
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Why? Why can’t I cease these feelings for you?
Why won’t they just leave me alone?
Why do they continue to haunt my soul, looking for a resting place?
Why does the hurt continue to grow within? Why, why, why?
This pain is taking over my mental and physical strength
Twisting and twining my heart into tiny little pieces
Making me lose all self control, its as if I can’t continue on without you
The feeling that you send through my veins, is a feeling I don’t want to lose.
I love the way it takes control over me and runs my inter soul.
I’m addicted… but time is up for this unofficial love, for I have learned that you are up to know good
And u are only being more pain to me soul… and taking it in your own hands to destroy what once was there
How stupid of me to turn to you to ease the pain, when you are no better then the before issue, but worse
You lured me in with your kind words and loving tips, you brainwashed me with your twisted lies, you even told me things that felt so good, it made me cry
But as time went on things didn’t add up, my senses where regained and my strength returned to my soul
I realized that I didn’t need no drug to devourer my every move, I could do bad all by myself, with or without your painful love
And for the dude who caused me this trouble in the beginning, to h*** with you, the love is still there and the feelings will never go away
But I will not, let no man ever, ever control me again!!!

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