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Control Over My Freedom

February 20, 2011
By beingtaylor. BRONZE, Kapolei, Hawaii
beingtaylor. BRONZE, Kapolei, Hawaii
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Really, right now, really?
She likes to cry like she’s two years old.
Isn’t my life just great.
It’s so dark. She’s wrecked.
How did this happen?
I hate this,
I really do.
I really hate this really.
My mind screams,
Take control, you have the right to.
But do I?
Her past didn’t help,
I would of never guessed,
That my life would turn into this stupid trap,
Of her love.
Drugs. Anxiety. Shivers. Red eyes.
Where did her pure heart go?
Step off the threshold, bend at the knees.
Skin meets the hard cranberry floor.
And I too, start to shiver.
In the corner, she was compressed.
Swallow my own liquid, and hear the sound in my ears.
Move nothing but an inch,
I tried to look for innocence,
But my eyes came up empty.
She was the one who took her freedom away,
But I won’t let her take mine.

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