Have you heard?

February 16, 2011
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I have heard that
we cannot survive without each other.
The first step we take
is a step we all take together.

I have heard that
I do not exist without you,
Nor you without me.

I have heard that
we all must dance together
to the sound
of our own hearts.

The beating of our hearts,
like the beating of the drums,
will shake this world
to and fro,
and we must all follow ‘long.

I have heard that
You love me
Through my fumbles and stumbles
Whether I party with you or not

I am here to tell you
That what I’ve heard is true
How do I know
Because I heard it from you

You whispered to me
In your deepest sleep
You told me the truth

These words belong to you,
I am merely the scribe

In the darkest nights,
Honesty flashes its white teeth
Its lips curling in a menacing grin

Have you heard that
I am in pain.
My heart aches to dance along
To our own true song

Have you heard that
I walk amongst you
I eat beside you
I talk before you

In the dark shadows of the night
I tried to change destiny
Rewrite a history that has yet to pass

In the dark shadows of my soul
I fractured
And barely remained whole

Have you heard that
I love you
Whether you look me in the eye
Or see my face in the crowd

Have you heard that
I need you
To embrace me and hold me tight
To protect me in the dead of night

Have you heard that
I have an objection
To our normal way of life

These parties and raves
With drinks and drugs
Are a waste of my time
And a waste of yours

I reject your substances
That fool you with reality
I reject your drugs
That do nothing for me

For you see,
I have an addiction of my own
Two in fact
And there is plenty to go round

My first addiction was loneliness
A powerful curse indeed
We would sit together for hours

He would sit there
the ultimate trickster
and play with my mind

And every night
Before I slept
He would tuck me in tight
And read me a bedtime story

No 12 steps
Or self help on addictions
Could cure me of my problem

Then one day
Walking along
I found my second addiction:
Human beings

How blind I was
Before I could see
That it was you
Standing right there beside me

I needed to chase
my loneliness away,
He kicked up his feet,
And made himself at home.

He is not welcome here
But you my friends,
May stay as long as you like

You are my addiction
Number one and most important
But you are better than any drug
No high compares, just you see

I do not inject you into my bloodstream
I do not inhale you into my lungs
For you enter my soul directly
And pierce my heart with love

You are my addiction: human beings
No drugs for me
Please just hugs

I am perceived as the girl who wants her space
I’ve rejected your hugs and run from crowds
I’ve shied away from humanity
And flinched at a potential graze

I have lied, you see, I want to be held
Hugged, embraced, pushed, and shacked.
Shake me to my very core
But please don’t let me go

For I need that squeeze,
I need that unique high
And I am here, to give back
The beautiful gift you’ve given me

You, classmates,
Teachers and friends
Have helped me win one of
The most vicious battles of them all

I have fought exhaustion, loneliness,
Depression and suicide.
You are my army, my shields,
My archers, and my fortress

I have found a cure for my first addiction
And there is plenty to go round
Haven’t you heard?

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