Ways of Life

February 16, 2011
Amaze me, astound me,
prove to me: I'm wrong;
sing me the music
I've denied, all along

Cracking, under stress,
the tempo I conceived.
I realize that what I feel
is not like Christmas Eve...

Rushing by, the world
is about to cave in--
a young life ruined
before it could begin

Expectations set
just too high;
I could sit and watch
the clouds roll by

"There's no use trying
if you don't succeed,"
advice I thought
would make me lead

"If it rains, it pours,"
(despite the weather)
Really, I'm still just
a simple feather

Lightweight and fragile,
I'm prone to fall.
Blinded and hurt--
my down-side you saw.

But I'll still rush through
as if a new day,
hoping someone would
stop me and say

"You need a break, you're going to collapse.
Come on, rest your head in my lap.
Life is a problem, friends are a chore?
You know in the end you'll be wanting more.

Happiness isn't gone, it over-came you,
it's incorporated in everything you do.
It's been blurring your lines and dreams.
Now your whole life is tearing it's seams."

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