My Little Secret

January 30, 2011
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My emotions seem to care put my actions
Somethings are hurtful
Some words are rude
Some lies don't bother me
But you are someone I can't seem to live with
Something I can't stand to look at
And a person who is not meant to be in my life

We are gonna play a game
So close your eyes for my please
All I am asking is to count to 3
Just think of those good things
Now look we are almost don with the game
You hear this ( tick! Tick!! POW!! )

Oh I don't think you hear anything
I don't think you see anything
I don't think you feel anything
I don't think you can move anything

"Hey wanna know a secret"?
I think you can keep it
I know you can't tell
Yeah I made sure of that
So my secret is your dead

All I can say is that I lost control
I am crazy with emotions
My actions took over before my thoughts
So what will I do now
Just save my secret okay??

I hope you tell no one
But when you come to haunt me just be calm
Know I was wrong and so where you
Know there was something wrong with me
Know I wouldn't figure out what is wrong with me
Just know this please

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