When I’m near you

February 8, 2011
When I know I’m close,
I get nervous,
My heart races faster,
My hands shake with joy,
My mind wonders what to say when I see you,

But when I’m near you,
Everything comes to me,
It might not be the right thing,
But you accept it as is,

Every part of me wants you,
To kiss your lips,
To hug you close,
To feel everything you feel,

You are like a drug to me,
Everything around me blurs,
And you’re the main attraction,
Everyone sees how great you are,
And yet I wonder,

You are amazing,
Yet you pick me,
Out of a thousand girls,
I’m the one at your side,

I’m so happy,
And that’s your number one goal,
Is for me to stay that way,
I am,
With you nothing can make me happier,
Your smile brightens my day,
Your laugh excites me,
And when you look at me,
I’m a shy child,
That looks away,

You think I am perfect,
As of you,
I trust you with my heart,
So please don’t break it,
I love you to much to let you go,
As you say to me the same,

I love you,
When you’re near me,
And every other time
You are going to be on my mind.

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