From France She Came

February 8, 2011
From France she came
To grandma's house
English unknown
Quiet as a mouse

The boy walked in, then
Both were silent
Piercing stares
Though not violent

They met again
Barred by words
Seeing was enough
For the two love birds

Ring on her hand
Love forever sworn
Days turned to years
A daughter born

He grew ill
Their love still strong
Coping with loneliness
She trudged on

Till the day came
When his life ceased
Years too soon
Her heart in pieces

Those around her
Act as support
Glue back together
Her broken heart

Strong again
Heart now full
Surrounded by love
A peaceful soul

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Basketball23 said...
Mar. 18, 2011 at 7:16 pm
Awww I like this!!!  It's so cute in a strange sort of way since her husband dies...but it's cute because she has other friends and family to comfort her!
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