Innocent Love

January 27, 2011
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Recall my first time liking someone,
When my first feelings began its long run.
I remember back when I was so innocent,
Not having one clue what love meant.
It was back 1st grade,
" Hi " she once said.
Pretty face, which left me speechless to respond,
She looked at me, as if something was wrong.
Inside i smiled, yet I began to blush,
Made my blood flow in such a rush.
Every morning I'd wake up bright early,
Just to see that pretty face in such a hurry.
Not knowing what I felt,
Or how with that feeling I dealt.
I remember not thinking about s*x,
Or being like this guys now and days, moving on and on to their next.
I wish I can forever posses that innocent love,
The type i felt since the first time, pure and clean as a white dove.

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