February 14, 2011
By Zoe_T PLATINUM, New City, New York
Zoe_T PLATINUM, New City, New York
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Am I a number?
I am measured by my GPA-
Society’s form of a puppet.
SAT scores-
The mold for what I am supposed to be,
A perfect numerical discovery-
I am a number;
Teacher’s grade me with numbers
But wait- the numbers turn to letters?
What is the meaning of those numbers?

Am I a number?
I know my grades could be better
Without the constraint of numbers because-
I am more than a number;
I am a person,
But, I am made up of numbers:
Essays, due dates, and even my weight,
Does that make me a number?

What is a number?
Am I a quantity-
So easy to measure?
Or, am I made up of separate entities-
Each number defining me-
Numbers upon numbers?
Numbers are not me-
I am more than infinity;
A tangible human being.
But, am I a number?

I don’t want to be a number-
Stuck in society’s form.
I want to reach for those numbers-
But, I don’t want to be them.
Do I have to be a number?
I am not a number.
Am I a number?

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