Growing Indepenent

February 9, 2011
Walking down the scattered road
It wasn’t as if she had planned this
Looking right and left
The wind showed no sign of when the next storm would hit
Sending dreams, plans away with the rain

But it came back to her in an instant flash
Smiles, laughter
She could feel the warmth
Touch the grass her little brother was rolling on
Hear the happiness
It brought her back

And the cracks in the road ahead
Seemed to fuse together
There was no surprise waiting
Beneath her bare feet
She walked with ease

The flash came again, like lighting
Smiles, jokes
She could smell his cologne
Hear his voice, his laugh
Feel the warmth of his hugs

The ones she thought would never go away
He was there again

And the clouds in the sky were broken
Broken by penetrating sunlight
Warm sunlight
That kept the rain away
The storms, no more

She could walk the road
No longer intimidating
When she knew who she was
And knew where she was going

Growing independent
Like a soldier embracing his kids
After years of being gone
She was free
Not alone

But all the while
She treaded the road
Walking it
On independence

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