Leaving You Behind

February 9, 2011
By , new haven, CT
looking back i thouht i loved you
with your cocky attitude and your i-dont-care-what-you-think bid
you've been with me for only one year in my life
and im glad your gone
because you hurt me
you hurt my family
you hurt my friends
you got my in touble in school
and at home
your attitude was contagiuos you know
because my sister started mimicking your foul talk and sick mind games
i blamed you for everything that happened to me
because i knew you were the cuase of my misery
my friends all hate me now
my parents are shocked to see thier smart and good daughter slip away into a path they never planed for me
i was spinning out of control
and you just stood by and laughed inside
i cried for help and you never looked my way
i once believed in what you said
but now i realize that nothing you say can be of any good use to me
now ive grown up and you threated to come back into my life
but i have a news for you
i found someone else
someone better
than you
so you can scream and shout and try to get my attention but it wont work
you lost your power over me
now you're nothing
now you're waiting
for your next victim

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