February 8, 2011
Synesthesia:A condition in which normally separate senses are not separate. Sight may mingle with sound, taste with touch, etc.

I read the letter,
The last one that was sent,
By your reminiscing mind,
You wrote the letters,
All such a different color,
The "T"'s a bright purple,
The words a mingle of more.

Mixes of colors swirl,
As you speak in front of me,
The colors roll off your body,
An endless aura that no one,
No one can see but I.

Synesthesia the mind boggling,
Heart stopping condition,
That leaves me confused,
Disoriented at times.

But you'll never truly understand,
How the words taste on my tongue,
The chocolate,
The fruit,
The sweet, sweet tastes,
Or the overly bitter,

I'm in my own world,
A world of color,
A world of magic,
The world,
Of a gift.

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