Bad Habit

February 16, 2011
By vanessakaye GOLD, Big Rapids, Michigan
vanessakaye GOLD, Big Rapids, Michigan
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"when life gets ya down, you know what ya gotta do?... just keep swimming, just keep swimming..." - Dori from "Finding Nemo"

Go ahead
Hid your insecurities behind that cigarette
The smell will only last a short while
The stench of tobacco
And a plethora of other chemicals

Black as death
Coats the inside of you lungs
Slowly killing yourself
But hey
It looks cool
So why not?

You take a long drag
The nicotine
Clouding your addicted mind
You burned through a pack
But crave more

Your conscience
Seduced by the chemicals says yes
But your smoke exhausted body says no

The camel looks all too friendly
Secretly mocking you
As the wrinkles on your face deepen with every puff

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