Flamer (A Steriotipical Poem)

January 27, 2011
No. I don't wear short shorts.
No. I don't wear low V-Necks.
No. I don't have highlights.
But I do fix my hair.

No, I don't listen to Panic! or Tokio Hotel.
No, I don't wear tight Abercrombie shirts.
No, I don't have a fake high pitched voice.
But yeah, I enjoy cooking.
NO! I do not like it here or there! I don't like it anywhere!
No, I don't look up to Perez Hilton!
No, I don't only hang out with girls!
I have guy friends too.

There is like, nothing wrong with being gay.
It's what people want and its cool mmk?
It's not a dismay, of being called "gay".
But it's quite annoying I may say.
And no I will not be balling.
It's just simple, stupid, name calling.
Just becasue I like to cook, read Sparks' novels and like to cook, doesn't mean I can't be straight so whats the reason to hate?

No, I'm not gay.
But I am quite happy.

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