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January 20, 2011
By rachelspayd SILVER, Stockton, New Jersey
rachelspayd SILVER, Stockton, New Jersey
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"I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions." - Augusten Burroughs

i lately find it hard to sleep
death drinks the sky as
the sky is so slowly shrinking away
and adrenaline is pulsing through my veins
i had too much caffeine today

trying to heal a wound that
with time grows and kills
sleeping with the lights on and
playing guitar in my sleep like you always did, beautiful

dreaming draculas with acoustics
and echoing down the dark wooden hallway
i needed a kiss today

when you're not breathing
you're not living
like i'm not right now
because there's too much to think
so breathing is much less of a priority to me

and it's hard to take the wheel of my life
it's spinning out of control
taken by drinks and boys not men
taken by parties and weekends
to be loved never comes, i don't wait

i pretend you're there for me
but i'll never let you know
it's about me and my heart
your icy eyes
that i can't get out of my head

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