Little Sister's Wish

February 8, 2011
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A smile does more than make your day
And when you see him smile, you know he's okay
You know he's happy and it makes you happy
And when you see him down, you try so hard
You use the power of God to make your wish come true
To bring back the happiness he had, that beautiful smile
And seeing him happy is all you want for that moment
You remind him that you're there for him and you care
How you love him enough to help out for anything
Even if it's just a hug or prayer, you'll do anything
To make sure he's happy, for him to shine again
You remind him God is there as well as you
And when you pray, God will make him happy
When you see God's work done on him
You praise the Lord for that special gift
When you try to do anything a little sister can do,
to make your big brother happy again, and that
joy you feel when he is smiling again, seeing
your best friend filled with joy God gave him
You make sure he is smiling everyday because
you just love and care about him that much
and seeing him hurting is the last thing you want to see
You just want him happy, it's your wish everyday
And you hope and pray that even just a 'please smile'
will bring your amazing brother joy

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