The War Wont Leave

February 7, 2011
By KaiyaJ GOLD, Ben Lomond, California
KaiyaJ GOLD, Ben Lomond, California
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"things will get worse befor they get better"

I’m walking in a forest,
With men at my side,
And a gun in my hand.

We’re in the middle of a war,
There’s men dieing all around me,
So many are screaming in pain and agony.

No, it cant be!
My friend, my closest friend,
Oh god why couldn’t it have been me?

I pick up my gun,
And with my rage,
I start shooting like a maniac.

Why are we in this war?
What is this all for?
Why should I continue?

This war is almost over,
So many men have died,
So many have suffered.

My captain told us all to flee,
We were all confused,
Tell we saw that mushroom cloud.

That bomb was so huge,
It did so much damage,
But so amazing to see.

I’m home now,
I cant sleep through the night,
For I have nightmares of the war.

Some noises startle me,
Some remind me of the bomb,
The war has been over for months,
But it will never leave me alone.

The author's comments:
This was an asignment in class. I changed it a bit to make it better.

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