A Drop in The Ocean

February 7, 2011
By maddy_butler BRONZE, Dennison, Ohio
maddy_butler BRONZE, Dennison, Ohio
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Most memories in life are insignificant,
A drop in the ocean of life.
However, there are always moments that stand out.
The hurricanee that threatens to destroy everything you are,
It is a starving lion, that growls furiously and attempts to swallow you whole,
The waves dismember your foundation and make it crumble.

The cruelty that is the eye of the storm,
Giving false hope and feelings of safety,
Only to pull the rug out from under you,
Knocking the wind out of you, cutting off your air,
The saltwater burns of hellfire as it rolls from your eyes.
The storm has brutally mugged you of everything you are,
And emaciated your hopes and dreams.
However, in the distance, light begins to break through,
The clouds move on to torture another,
The crashing waves cease,
The stillness is tense and surreal,
Shakily, you attempt to regain your footing on your trembling legs,
No longer willing to trust the sea that nearly killed you.
You can finally find enough peace to sleep at night,
No longer stalked in your dreams by the storm.

Slowly, victoriously, your strength returns,
Slowly, grudgingly, you cans stand again,
Slowly, graciously, you can feel...
And all that remains of the hurricane is your scars,
And your tears that are merely drops in the ocean.

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